HOYT PREVAIL 37 – Second Hand

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  • Draw lenght: 27″ – 29″
  • Bow Cams: X3
  • Speed: 321 fps
  • Draw Weight; 40-50lbs & 50-60lbs (2 set of limbs)

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HOYT PREVAIL 37 Compound Bow – Second Hand

Hoyt takes that trust seriously and feels a responsibility to stand at the cutting edge of the archery industry through ceaseless research, testing and innovation using input from the best archers in the world. Hoyt do all this for one specific purpose – to help you Prevail.

The unique Shoot-Thru design actually increases lateral stiffness, resulting in a more consistent reaction of the bow as the arrow is released. The Shoot-Thru riser has been engineered for optimised balance, making the bow easier to aim than traditional open shelf bows.

Pro-Lock Locking Pocket System. The riser-to-limb connection is a bow’s most critical contact point. It’s the heart of a bow. Superior pocket design is critical for accuracy and consistency. Enter Hoyt’s innovative Pro-Lock Locking Pocket System. This cutting edge design directly links the limbs to the riser, resulting in an unbelievably tight tolerance and an incredibly lightweight, ultra durable pocket design.
Parallel Split-Limb Technology provides for an effective overall width of 2.25 inches, creating much more lateral and torsional stability than that of a traditional 1.5 inches solid limb design. Uniform Stress Distribution. Limbs bend but do not break. Multi layer lamination limbs. Strongest, most dependable, longest lasting limbs you’ll find anywhere

  • Draw lenght: 27″ – 29″
  • Bow Cams: X3
  • Limbs: XT 2000
  • Speed: 321 feet per sec.
  • Axle to Axle: 37 1/4 inches
  • Brace Height: 7.125 inches
  • Let-Off 75%
  • Weight ranges 40-50lbs & 50-60lbs (2 set of limbs)
  • Adjustable Cable Guard system
  • Aluminium TEC lite riser
  • Dual rear stabiliser mountings
  • Limb Shox limb dampening system
  • Dual rear stabiliser mountings
  • Limb Shox limb dampening system
Prevail Features:
  • FUSE Custom Strings and Cables. Built rock solid and proven with podium finishes around the world
  • Modular Grip System. Shooter customisable grip angle for customisation of your bows feel and aim with 4 different grip modules
  • Adjustable Cable Guard system. 4 position adjustable cable guard allows for maximum tunabilit
Note: The bow is like new and was only used for one season.
  • Come with 2 Set of limbs (40-50lbs & 50-60lbs)
  • String and cables have been replaced.
  • Bow is in excellent condition. No visible signs of wear.
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