CARBON BOLTS 20″/460gn

฿ 1`450.00฿ 2`800.00

  • Lenght: 20″
  • Shield Vanes 3″
  • Weight: 460gr

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PURE CARBON BOLTS 20inch 460gn for Compound Crossbow ( Alu Moon Nock)

* This bolt is custom made and specially designed for High-Speed Crossbows.

  • Colors: 1xWhite-2xGreen, -2xBlue, -2xRed, -2xYellow, -2xOrange
  • Shield Vanes 3″
  • Weight: 460gn
  • Lenght: 20″
  • ID: 7.6mm / OD: 8.8mm
  • Material: Pure Carbon
  • Straightness: +/- .001″
  • Excellent accuracy up to 100m for all type of high speed crossbows.
  • Optimum speed-range 360-450 fps
  • Pack a 6 or 12 finished Bolts incl. 100gn Points
Arrows & Bolts handmade by specialists!

We use the best materials at the highest quality level and pay attention to consistent accuracy with the lowest tolerances. All products are tested by us before we advertise them.

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  1. Michael

    tested with highspeed crossbow, very accurate…

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