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Arrows have four main parts: the shaft, fletching, the nock, and the arrow points. The body of an arrow is called the shaft. Arrow shafts are made from wood, aluminum, carbon-fiber, fiberglass, or a combination of aluminum and carbon-fiber. The weight of a modern arrow can vary greatly depending on several factors such as its length, material, and diameter. On average, a modern carbon arrow for hunting or target shooting can weigh between 400 and 600 grains, which is approximately 0.026 to 0.039 pounds or 11.7 to 21.2 grams. However, lighter or heavier arrows are also available depending on the intended use. Crossbow bolts are shorter and stiffer with a lower spine value (Bow arrows spine is from 800-400 approx. Crossbow bolts have a spine of 250-400)

What is the difference between arrows and bolts? Arrows are heavier than bolts, usually, due to their greater length. The draw length for bows is much larger than that of comparable crossbows, so the arrow must be longer. A crossbow has a stock that is similar to a firearm, and it shoots shorter arrows (bolts) than conventional archery equipment.